Radical Relief With Guest Dr. Joe Tatta

On this episode, Dr. Dave Candy and special guest Dr. Joe Tatta discuss powerful tools that you can use to get Radical Relief from chronic pain. Key Takeaways: Common misconceptions about chronic pain What happens when you go from acute pain to chronic pain How your past and home environment can affect your pain relief … Read more

3 Major Causes Of Headaches & Migraines and How To Control Them

Do You Suffer From Chronic Headaches & Migraines? Headaches and migraines can be a pain in the neck….sometimes quite literally! In this video, you’ll learn 3 SIMPLE and easy-to-control factors that are BIG causes of headaches and migraines. Simple Tips To Easily Control The Factors That Are Causing Your Headaches & Migraines There are 3 … Read more

What Does Life AFTER Chronic Pain Look Like?

What Does Life After Chronic Pain Look Like? When people have lived in chronic pin for  a long time, they tend to only think about the pain, but not what comes next. When you’re just focused on getting rid of the pain as your end goal, then there’s a slim-to-none chance of you ever getting … Read more

Have A Good, Good, Good Friday!

Look For The Positive In Every Situation As we all sit inside our houses today on Good Friday, we COULD think about how our Easter (or Passover) is going to be ruined this year by Coroavirus….  -OR- We could look for the positive and remember the FIRST easter and the FIRST passover.   Both happened in … Read more

My Reflections On Coronavirus… Optimistic & Hopeful

Take this time to slow down, reflect, & reprioritize… We’re all trying to figure the world out in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. No one knows what life in the future will look like, but I remain optimistic 😇 & hopeful 🙏🏼 Guiding Principles To Happiness In The Face Of Adversity 1. Be accepting of uncertainty. Control what … Read more

If Coronavirus Has Brought Your Life To A Halt … Maybe Its Time To Stop & Smell The Roses!

Take this time to slow down, reflect, & reprioritize… Use These Tips To Help You Slow Down, Reflect, & Reprioritize! Diaphragmatic breathing Lay down in a quiet room away from any distractions.  Put one hand on your stomach and the other hand on your chest.  Slowly breath in by pushing your stomach out into your … Read more