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The stresses of 2020 made my fibromyalgia go into hyperdrive. In addition to the symptoms that I have dealt with for years such as joint pain in my feet, ankles, elbows, and neck, the TMJ was so bad that I could not eat without severe pain and I began having daily headaches. I ran across Dr. Dave Candy’s website and figured what do I have to lose? So I went in and talked to him. He showed me exercises and used dry needling on my neck and jaw to ease the pain. Over the course of the last three months, he has taught me skills so I can be prepared when the fibromyalgia flares up. After every visit, he sends an email advising what I should be doing to improve my situation. He is patient and kind and takes fibromyalgia seriously. His services are worth the time and the money.
Heather C.- Fibromyalgia Review
I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for 28 years. In one month I have improved greatly. This is the most relief I have felt and it didn't take years. Dave really listens to the patient and helps them with many modalities to greatly ease the pain. I very highly recommend.

A Personal Message From Fibromyalgia Specialist, Dr. Dave Candy 

Dr. Dave Candy physical therapist OCS FAAOMPT


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Board-Certified Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

Certified Athletic Trainer

Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist

Fellow, American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists

Hi, I'm Dr. Dave Candy and welcome to More 4 Life!

Is fibromyalgia getting you so frustrated that you think you are destined to a life of pain, fatigue, and medication use?

Its no fun to have to skip activities with family and friends or power through them with a smile while inside you are suffering.

In the next few minutes you’re going to learn how we help people just like you who suffer from fibromyalgia to decrease their pain & fatigue and be able to do more WITHOUT relying on heavy doses of medicine with loads of side effects!

At this point, you may think that fibromyalgia is just something you'll have to live with…but secretly you hope to find a solution to your fibromyalgia, so that you can get your life back!

The problem is, it seems like no one understands:

  • Family & members don't understand why you can't do as much as they can.  They try to be sympathetic, but after awhile they start acting like you're faking it or making it up... Maybe they've even suggested that it's "all in your head".
  • Doctors either try to push pills on you or tell you it's just fibromyalgia, and that you'll have to deal with it.  They get tired of dealing with your constantly changing symptoms that don't really make sense to them.  After awhile you may even feel like they start to label you as a complainer and push you off to pain management, rheumatologists, or other specialists. You may even feel like you get treated as a malingerer, drug seeker,  or even worse... like you're crazy or you're making it up.

I've worked with enough patients with fibromyalgia that I know that MOST people with chronic pain DON'T make it up.  After all, why would anyone choose this type of lifestyle?

In fact, I've even written a book called "Chronic Pain: You're Not Just Getting Older, You're Not Crazy, And It's Not All In Your Head - Learn The Secrets To Get Relief"

You can buy it on Amazon, but if you're looking for one-on-one help from a specialist who understands fibromyalgia, I'd love to offer you a FREE Consultation in the form of a "Discovery Visit", so that you can discover what's wrong and what can be done to help your fibromyalgia!

We can do the Free Discovery Visit, either in-person, or virtually over the internet... whichever your preference.

Click the button below to request your Free Discovery Visit...

But if you're not ready to talk yet, I can understand that too.  If you've been let down by a lot of other doctors in the past, I can understand why you may be hesitant to get your hopes up again, only to possibly be let down.

That’s why I’ve put together a FREE e-book called

7 Things That Even Your Doctor May Not Know About Fibromyalgia

to help you take control of your fibromyalgia symptoms and get back to the happy, fulfilling life you deserve.

Inside you'll find…

  • Information about fibromyalgia
  • Simple changes you can start making today to ease your pain and improve your energy
  • Lifestyle strategies to keep your pain from coming back and help you stay more active, healthy, and energetic over the long-term

Just enter your first name, your email address and click the “Yes! I Want The FREE E-Book! button below and you'll instantly receive the free e-book by email.

You'll receive valuable information that shows you how to control your fibromyalgia pain and fatigue while decreasing your reliance on medication so that you can do more of the things you need and want to be able to do.

I work with people just like you nearly every day to help them find relief from fibromyalgia and other types of chronic pain. What I can tell you is that pain medications, magnetic bracelets copper sleeves, dietary supplements, and other quick-fix gimmicks may provide temporary relief, but on their own, they are not likely to provide a long-term solution.

Why? Because they only treat the symptoms of your pain without addressing the root causes!

I know so many people who have just accepted that fibromyalgia is now a normal part of their lives. This does NOT have to be you! The FREE e-book will explain why you should have hope that you can live happy, fulfilling life without being plagued by fibromyalgia.

Inside you’ll find information about fibromyalgia, some simple tips you can start using today to ease your pain, and long-term strategies to help maintain you newfound pain relief, energy, and quality of life.

This FREE e-book is perfect for you if…

  • You’ve had fibromyalgia symptoms for a long time. -or-
  • You’ve had low level achy muscle pain that has gradually increased over time. -or-
  • Your pain seems to come and go without an identifiable cause.
  • You've seen many different doctors and tried many different treatments in the past, but they haven't helped.
  • You're getting frustrated with fibromyalgia and starting to think your problem may be too complex to be able to be helped!

If fibromyalgia is keeping  you from enjoying life to its fullest, then you need to take a few minutes to read this e-book.

This e-book is NOT for you if you're content to live with taking pain and sleep medication, don't mind the medication side effects, don't care about fixing the MAIN problem, or you don’t mind continuing to live with your fibromyalgia symptoms.

What would your life look like in a few months if you had drastically less pain and fatigue and could manage your symptoms without medication?

So go ahead... enter your first name, your email address and click “Yes! I Want The FREE E-Book!” button to instantly receive the e-book by email.  There’s no catch…I’m doing this because I believe your healthcare decisions are important and having the right information will help you to make the best choice about the next steps on your journey toward a happier, healthier, more active & energetic life!

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Dave Candy, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC, FAAOMPT

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Firbromyalgia Pain Relief More 4 Life Physical Therapy St. Louis MO 63011 Gladly Serving Ballwin, Manchester, Chesterfield, Des Peres, Ellisville, and St. Louis County. Find a Fibromyalgia Specialist Near Me.

7 Things That Even Your Doctor May Not Know About Fibromyalgia

This FREE guide written by St. Louis fibromyalgia specialist, Dr. Dave Candy, shows you how you can take control of fibromyalgia to reduce pain, decrease medication use, improve your energy level, and get back to doing the activities you need and want to be able to do!

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