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What Is Qigong & Is It For Me?

Do You Feel Stuck Or Out Of Balance In Your Health & In Your Life?

Feel like you're either always on the go, or contrarily, lacking the motivation to do anything?

Do you feel tired when you wake up but yet unable to sleep well at night? 🥱

Or maybe you feel like you're not enjoying life to it's fullest, but can't figure out why?😕

These Are All Symptoms Of Imbalance

Our bodies hold emotional energy that cause us to live the way we do!

Sometimes the results are wonderful 😃

...and sometimes they're disasterous 😭

Qigong Is An Ancient Practice That Helps Us Find Balance

Originally founded in China as a way to keep people healthy when doctors were less available, qigong can be considered a "Movement Multi-Vitamin".

It's a natural way to restore balance and health, without relying on medication.

When Your Body Is In Balance You May Notice:

  • Less pain
  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Better overall health
  • A happier, more enjoyable life

Sound Like Something You'd Be Interested In?

If so, we invite you to join us for our Qigong Classes, currently accepting new students


How Much Do The Qigong Classes Cost?

We only have space for 12 people in our Qigong classes, so we want people who will attend regularly. Plus, you're only going to get the benefits if you attend regularly.

That being said, classes are $30/per class on a walk-in basis (if space is available), or you can
Save 38% by registering for the entire 8-week session!

Meet The Instructor

Christi Gleason Medical Qigong and Yoga Instructor

Christi Gleason, MS, CPT

Medical Qigong Practitioner (8 years)

Certified Yoga Instructor (21 years)


Christi Gleason has over 30 years in the fitness industry and has been teaching qigong for 8 years.

Christi was led to qigong as a result of not being able to solve her own medical issues through Western medicine. She went to see a doctor when she was 28 and it took them four years to figure out that she had thyroid cancer.

Due to my body awareness through teaching yoga, I knew there was something wrong with me but I was told, "you're getting older and need to accept that weight gain and feeling tired all the time are part of getting older".

At the time she was eating extremely healthy with a very clean diet for bodybuilding and working out multiple hours a day but was sent home being told that she needed to eat healthier and think of joining a gym.

The cancer diagnosis finally came when she was 33 and had metastasized by that point. She went through treatment and when the treatment was done she still felt as bad as she did at the start.

Her Western medicine doctors told her that she needed to accept the way she felt as her new normal

Christi was not willing to do it.

"When I started practicing Qigong I noticed things improving and I actually studied with my Grandmaster to figure out specific protocols to work on the specific medical issues I was dealing with that made me feel so terrible."

Specific issues she suffered with included chronic constipation, feeling tired all the time, itchy skin and hair, and narcolepsy which had gone on her entire life from youth.

With regular qigong practice, Christi was able to resolve all of those issues and stop taking six of her eight medications.

Christi developed such a passion for qigong, that she became certified as a Medical Qigong Practitioner so that she could help other people who felt like the Western medical system was failing them.

Does That Sound Like You?

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