We Help St. Louis Women Age 40+ Relieve Chronic, Nagging Aches & Pains Without Pills, Injections, or Surgery So They Can Be More Active and Live Happier, Healthier Lives

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We help St. Louis women age 40+ who are frustrated by chronic back pain, neck pain, knee pain, or other nagging aches & pains that just won't go away, despite trying many other failed treatments in the past. We help them get lasting relief from their pain & get back to the happier, healthier lives they want without medications, injections, or surgery! Learn more...

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Our 5-Step Process that makes More 4 Life the best physical therapy in St. Louis, MO

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Dr Dave Candy has helped me more than any other physical therapy or chiropractic visits. He really listens to where you have your pain and takes steps to correct. He helps you help yourself. Today for the first time in a year or more I was able to stay on the treadmill for 25 minutes. It was great! I will continue to see him until my pain is gone and stays away. Thank you, Dave
5 star Google review for back pain, walking, spinal stenosis, sciatica
Dave candy is the most talented physical therapist I have worked with. In less than 3 months I have made more progress than in other long-term therapy sessions over the last 2.5 years. His muscle manipulation techniques are extremely helpful, he works on trigger points expertly, and his dry needling yields excellent results. Dave is always encouraging giving positive suggestions. He has realistic weekly expectations. I am extremely hopeful that with Dave's extensive knowledge I will achieve my goal.
A 5 star google review about physical therapy and dry needling
Dave has struck a good balance between being a great listener and also offering helpful exercises that empower me to improve my health in tangible ways. He has given me insight into potential causes of my condition, and he has encouraged me to continue to push myself to better my quality of life. Highly recommend!
5 star Google review about physical therapy
Dr. Dave is an amazing physical therapist! I went to see Dr. Dave after I had hurt my back. At each of our sessions Dr. Dave would stretch out the tender spots, give me exercises to do at home, and he would ask lots of questions! Dr. Dave was able to find out why I suddenly started to have back problems, which started from an old running injury. Dr. Dave spent a lot of time watching me run and would give me new techniques on how to run more efficiently, to where I would not continue to put strain on my body. Dr. Dave is unlike any other physical therapist I have been to. He really takes the time to get to know you and dive down to find out what the cause it and not just treat your symptoms. Thanks Dr. Dave!!!
5 star google review about back pain physical therapy

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