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7 Deadly Running Training Errors That Many Runners Make & How You Can Avoid Them So You Can Continue Running The Mileage You Want. More 4 Life Physical Therapy, St. Louis MO

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Dr. Dave Candy physical therapist OCS FAAOMPT


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Board-Certified Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

Certified Athletic Trainer

Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist

Fellow, American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists

Hi St. Louis Runners!

Are you tired of nagging running injuries that keep you from running the mileage you want?

Does pain when running keep you from performing your best or achieving your fitness goals?

I'm Dr. Dave Candy, a physical therapist and owner of More 4 Life.  I've been around distance runners my entire life.

My father ran 13 marathons, and now I'm married to a multiple marathon and half-marathon runner, placer, and pacer.

As such I know the unique needs and concerns of a distance runner, particularly when they're injured.

The last thing a runner wants to hear is that then need to stop running.

That's why when we treat runners here at More 4 Life, our goal is to keep runners running as much as possible throughout the recovery process and get back to running the mileage that they want as quickly and safely as possible!

There are MANY different reasons why you may choose to run, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • It's a great cardiovascular workout that other forms of exercise just don't seem to match.
  • You can get a good workout (and burn a lot of calories) in a short period of time, particularly if you're busy with work, family, or other obligations.
  • It releases endorphins and makes you feel happy and energized the rest of the day.
  • It's a great form of stress management, and it's a time you can escape and just be by yourself and think.
  • It allows you to "treat" yourself to foods you enjoy without worrying about gaining weight.

Conversely, when you can't run, you may:

  • Worry about losing your fitness level
  • Feel sluggish, sad, or depressed
  • Gain weight or feel uncomfortable about your body image
  • Feel more anxious or stressed
  • Worry that your running days may be over, and you'll have to settle for doing other forms of exercise that "old" people do.

If you've been dealing with pain when running for a long time, you may have already tried some things that haven't worked such as:

  • Wait and see if it will go away 🙏
  • Taking time off from running 😒, but the pain keeps coming back when you start running again.
  • Doing stretches you found on YouTube
  • Ice, heat, and foam-rolling
  • Eating anti-inflammatories like they're candy
  • Physical therapy, massage, and chiropractic visits

Maybe you've even other practitioners in the past to help get rid of your pain such as:

  • Your primary care doctor
  • chiropractors
  • massage therapists
  • personal trainers
  • other physical therapists

At this point, you may think that you'll either have to put up with your aches & pains, or worse... stop running.  😭

But secretly you hope to find a solution to get rid of your pain and still be able to continue running the mileage that you want.

That's where we come in!

Our Physical Therapy For Runners Helps Keep Runners Running

If you've been to the doctor in the past, the first thing they'll probably tell you to do is to "rest" and take a break from running.

And if you ONLY have pain when you run and not at other times, that usually works pretty well...

Until you start running again. 

You may feel OK when you first start out just taking short jogs, but as you get back up to your normal mileage, the pain often comes back.

Why is that?

Because if you've rested, iced, taken anti-inflammatories, etc... you've likely gotten rid of the inflammation, but you haven't fixed the thing that caused the inflammation in the first place: your running

Yes, your running may be the very thing that's causing the inflammation. 

But that doesn't mean you need to stop running!

What Makes Our Physical Therapy For Runners Different From "Typical" Physical Therapy?

"Typical" physical therapy has you do stretching and strengthening exercises to help improve your flexibility and muscle strength, and somehow, that's magically supposed to get you running without pain again.

But that's not always the way it works. 

You have to fix your running form (technique) if you want to be able to get rid of your pain when running and keep it from coming back!

And that's one of the many things that we help you do with our specialized physical therapy for runners.

Our Physical Therapy For Runners Includes:

  • A comprehensive running and injury history
  • A through examination of your running technique, in addition to strength and flexibility
  • Hands-on treatment to help you get rid of your pain fast
  • Recommendations on shoes and orthotics based on your individual anatomy and biomechanics.
  • Helping you develop a training plan to get back to the mileage that you want.
  • Developing a maintenance plan to keep your pain from coming back and prevent future injuries.

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What If I've Already Tried Physical Therapy?

We work with a lot of clients who have been to physical therapy at other places before and it hasn't worked.

If that's the situation you're in, we understand that you may be skeptical of going to another physical therapist and wasting more time and money if it's not going to help you reach your goal... namely, being able to run without pain.

That's why we've created something special for you called a Free Discovery Visit.

The Free Discovery Visit is perfect for people who:

  • Have had physical therapy in the past that didn't work
  • Want to discover how we're different
  • Want to make certain that we can help them get rid of their pain and get back to running before spending any money.

If that sounds like you, click the button below to  Request A Free Discovery Visit that we can help you "discover" how you can get rid of your pain and get back to running the mileage you want!

Do you DIY?

If you're more of a Do-It-Yourselfer, I can appreciate that.

Truth be told, I hate going to doctors offices myself.

However, if you've been dealing with pain when running for awhile, and you've been Doing-It-Yourself but it hasn't Done the trick yet, imagine how much sooner you could get back to running by asking for some help.

However, if you've just started to have pain and you're just looking for some DIY tips, you can request a Free Copy of our running tips guide:

7 Deadly Running Training Errors That Many Runners Make

And How You Can Avoid Them So You Can Keep Running The Mileage You Want

7 Deadly Running Training Errors That Many Runners Make & How You Can Avoid Them So You Can Continue Running The Mileage You Want. More 4 Life Physical Therapy, St. Louis MO

Inside you'll find…

  • 7 common running training errors that are responsible for many different types of running injuries
  • Running shoes: what to look for and which ones are best?
  • Simple running training tips that help many types of running injuries
  • Flexibilty, strength, & stability secrets that all runners should know
  • The worst thing to do when you're injured
  • The #1 thing to do to prevent future running injuries

If you'd like to get a Free Copy of this running tips guide, click the button above, fill out the form below, and I’ll send a copy straight to your inbox.

And if you'd like some more help to get back to running as quickly and safely as possible, we'd be happy to help!
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Dr. Dave Candy, PT, OCS, ATC, FAAOMPT
Owner, More 4 Life
Board-Certified Specialist In Orthopedic Physical Therapy
Fellowship-Trained Manual Physical Therapist

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