East vs. West: Comparing Acupuncture & Dry Needling with Dr. Charlotte Meier

Dr. Dave Candy and Dr. Charlotte Meier compare and contrast acupuncture, an Eastern medicine technique with dry needling, a Western medicine technique. Key Discussions: What is the philosophy of acupuncture? What types of conditions can acupuncture help? How is acupuncture explained in terms of Eastern and Western medicine? What is dry needling? What conditions does … Read more

Hip Pain When Walking

Do You Get Hip Pain When Walking? Watch this video to learn how to get rid of hip pain when walking, and keep it from coming back… What Causes Hip Pain When Walking? There are many different things that can hip pain when walking.  In fact “hip pain” means different things to different people. Common … Read more

Mother’s Day Special – An Uncommon Cause Of Heartburn

On this Mother’s Day Special episode, Dr. Dave Candy will be talking with his own mother about an uncommon cause of heartburn that she experience and an innovative solution. Know a mom that needs help to relieve pain? Text “MOM” to 314-916-4235 to claim a Free Consultation with Dr. Candy or buy her a copy … Read more

When Will Molina Return After Foot Injury?

Foot Injuries Can Take Weeks To Months To Heal If you’re a Cardinals fan, you’re probably aware that nine-time All-Star, Yadier Molina, was recently placed on the injured list for 10 days following a foot injury during the game against the Cincinnati Reds on April 23rd. Read our press release on STLToday.com: “When Will Molina … Read more

Swing Like A Pro with guest Dr. Jake Berman

On today’s episode, Dr. Dave Candy talks with Dr. Jake Berman, physical therapist and creator of the online course “Swing Like A Pro” about tips that you can use to not only prevent back pain when golfing, but also hit the ball farther off the tee. Key Discussions: Why the same things that prevent back … Read more

Pain On The Outside Of Knee?

Relieve Pain On The Outside Of The Knee Watch the video to learn what causes pain on the outside of the knee and how to relieve it… What Causes Pain On The Outside Of The Knee? Pain on the outside of the knee can be caused by many things, but most of the time it’s … Read more

Pain On Outside Of Hip

Do You Get Pain On The Outside Of The Hip When Standing Or Walking? The tips in this video will help you relieve pain on the outside of the hip… Causes Of Pain On The Outside Of The Hip There are many different things that can cause outer hip pain. Some of the common causes … Read more

Get Back In The Swing Of Things – Tennis & Pickleball Training Tips With Tony Teufel

Tony Teufel of Teufel Tennis, LLC gives tips you can use to get back in the swing of things when returning to Tennis or Pickleball… which is now America’s fastest growing sport. You’ll learn: – Ideas for warming up before playing – Strings, frames, and other equipment considerations – Technique tips to prevent tennis elbow … Read more