Improving Health By Focusing On The Gut with guest Dr. Asia Muhammad

On todays episode, Dr. Dave Candy talks with Dr. Asia Muhammad, a naturopathic doctor specializing in the gastrointestinal (GI) system about how GI problems affect general health, anxiety, depression, pain, and more. Key takeaways: – What is the gut microbiome? – How your gut health affect anxiety, depression, and pain – What dietary changes you … Read more

Hamstring Stretches

Hamstring Stretches To Loosen Your Tight and Stiff Muscles This video will teach you: How to tell if you actually need to stretch your hamstrings Stretches for tight & stiff hamstrings  Innovative versions of hamstring stretches you may not have seen before Learn in the video below, different types of hamstring stretches and when or … Read more

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! We Help Women Age 40 & Above Gain Independence From Chronic Pain, So They Can Stay Active, Mobile, Healthy, & Independent If it’s been 6 months or longer since you’ve been in to see us… or if you’ve never seen us before, we’d like to offer you 1/4 off your next visit … Read more

Stay At Home Recipe Contest Extended

St. Louis County has extended it’s Stay At Home orders indefinitely.  As such, we’re going to to extend the deadline for our staying at home recipe contest another 2 weeks until May 8.  Keep submitting your recipes to In the meantime, we’d like to give you our “5 Costly Nutrition Mistakes Most People Make … Read more

Get Love, Give Love This Valentine’s Day

Love Yourself Before You Can Love Others With Valentine’s Day coming up, everyone has love on their minds and in their hearts.  Valentine’s Day is a time to appreciate, nurture, and strengthen all of the relationships that we have.  Whether romantic love for a spouse, partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend; familial love for a parent, child, … Read more

Doctor Heal Thyself: How A Minor Cut Can Turn Into A Staph Infection AND Valuable Lesson YOU Can Learn From MY Recent Experience

Watch the video to learn the full story of why my face looks like this, and what you can learn from it! Take Home Points Wash your hands frequently and keep them away from your face – Cold and flu season is coming aboard.  Remembering these practices can help prevent disease transmission to yourself and … Read more

Mother’s Day Specials

Moms Are Great!  Let’s Celebrate What would make the special Mom in your life’s day this year on Mother’s Day? Take advantage of these great deals to treat your mom (or yourself) to a great Mother’s Day! Call 314-941-3970 To Redeem