Back Pain On Lower Right Side

Do You Get Back Pain On The Lower Right Side? Watch the video below to learn a common cause of right sided lower back pain, plus a simple stretch that you can use to relieve it! What Causes Back Pain On The Lower Right Side? Common causes of back pain on the lower right side … Read more

The Sexy Thyroid Solution with guest Angela Brown

Dr. Dave Candy and thyroid coach Angela Brown discuss how thyroid problems can go undetected for 15+ years causing fatigue and difficulty losing weight. Learn how Angela overcame her own thyroid problems and now helps other women do the same with her coaching program “The Sexy Thyroid Solution”. Key Discussions: What are some common symptoms … Read more

Why Can’t I Remember? Signs of Alzheimer’s & Strategies For Prevention

Dr. Dave Candy talks with Jeremy Koerber, program director for the Alzheimer’s Association of greater Missouri, about signs of Alzheimer’s & strategies for prevention. Key Discussions: Why awareness is important: 1 in 3 people will be affected by dementia in some way Trouble Remembering: What’s normal and when to be concerned? 10 warning signs of … Read more

East vs. West: Comparing Acupuncture & Dry Needling with Dr. Charlotte Meier

Dr. Dave Candy and Dr. Charlotte Meier compare and contrast acupuncture, an Eastern medicine technique with dry needling, a Western medicine technique. Key Discussions: What is the philosophy of acupuncture? What types of conditions can acupuncture help? How is acupuncture explained in terms of Eastern and Western medicine? What is dry needling? What conditions does … Read more

Improving Health By Focusing On The Gut with guest Dr. Asia Muhammad

On todays episode, Dr. Dave Candy talks with Dr. Asia Muhammad, a naturopathic doctor specializing in the gastrointestinal (GI) system about how GI problems affect general health, anxiety, depression, pain, and more. Key takeaways: – What is the gut microbiome? – How your gut health affect anxiety, depression, and pain – What dietary changes you … Read more