6 Resistance Band Arm Exercises For Seniors

If you're a senior interested in starting a home workout without having to invest in a lot of equipment, resistance bands are a great option.

You're not going to bulk up using resistance bands. However, if your goal is to stay toned and fit, resistance bands are a great options.

Watch the video below to learn 6 resistance band arm exercises for seniors

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6 Resistance Band Arm Exercises For Seniors

Now, the exercises that I'm going to show in this video are going to be using these loop bands.

You can get them in a set of five that come from extra light resistance to extra heavy resistance.

You can also vary the resistance with these bands based on how much you stretch them.

At their resting length, they're pretty easy to stretch. As you stretch them farther, they get harder to stretch, thus increasing the resistance.

Exercise 1 - Resistance Band Chest Press

The first exercise strengthens your chest and triceps muscles.

The exercise is a one-arm chest press.

Resistance Band Chest Press Exercise

Select the resistance band that you can do fairly comfortably but is also challenging.

Hold one arm close to your chest and then punch the opposite arm away from you.

If you need to increase the resistance, you just choke up on the band with your opposite arm.

Do 10 repetitions with each arm.

Exercise 2 - Resistance Band Row

The next exercise is a resistance band row for your lats.

Step on the band with one foot and grab the band with the same hand.

Then pull your elbow towards your side.

Resistance Band Row Exercise

Don't hyperextend your shoulder.  Make sure your elbow doesn't go behind your body.

The movement is like starting a lawn mower.

Think about pulling your shoulder blade backward.

Repeat for 10 repetitions with each arm.

Exercise 3 - Resistance Band Shoulder Press

The third exercise is a resistance band shoulder press.

Do this one arm at a time. Start holding the band near your chest in one hand.

Ten press upwards with the opposite hand.

Resistance Band Shoulder Press Exercise

Keep your elbow turned inward; don't let it flare.

This exercise works on your deltoid muscle as well as your triceps.

Repeat for 10 repetitions with each arm.

Exercise 4 - Rotator Cuff Strengthening With Resistance Band

The fourth exercise is to strengthen your rotator cuff.

Put the resistance band around your wrists and then turn your wrists out while turning your elbows in.

Resistance Band Rotator Cuff Exercise

Raises your arms up overhead.

This works on the rotator cuff and helps the muscles that move your shoulder blades, particularly the serratus anterior.

It's a good strengthening exercise for people with rotator cuff problems.

Exercise 5 - Resistance Band Reverse Fly

The next exercise is going to work on the back of your shoulders.

Put the band around your wrists.

Then pull outwards with your arms while squeezing your shoulder blades together.

Resistance Band Reverse Fly Exercise

This works on your posterior deltoid or the back part of your shoulder.

It also works on your middle trapezius muscles between your shoulder blades.


Repeat for 10 repetitions.

Exercise 6 - Resistance Band Arm Curl

The final exercise is a resistance band biceps curl exercise.

Step on the resistance band with your foot, and rest your elbow on your knee.

Resistance Band Arm Curl Exercise

This is a concentration curl.

Curl your arm back and forth, focusing on squeezing your bicep.

Feel the contraction in your bicep muscle as you're doing this exercise.

Repeat for 10 repetitions.


Those were the 6 resistance band arm exercises for seniors. By doing these exercises several times per week, you can strengthen your arms at home.

Keep in mind, that these exercises are designed for wellness.  If you have a shoulder or arm injury, you may have to adapt your technique or do different exercises.

If you live in the St. Louis area and need help for a shoulder or arm injury, tap the button below to request an appointment with one of our specialist physical therapists.

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