Better Coping Mechanisms To Help Manage Stress

Did You Know That Stress Can Be As Bad Or Even Worse For Your Health Than Smoking? The above statement is bold, but true! Smoking is a coping mechanism that some people go to to help themselves relieve the stress in their life. We are giving you BETTER coping mechanisms to turn to when life … Read more

3 Major Causes Of Headaches & Migraines and How To Control Them

Do You Suffer From Chronic Headaches & Migraines? Headaches and migraines can be a pain in the neck….sometimes quite literally! In this video, you’ll learn 3 SIMPLE and easy-to-control factors that are BIG causes of headaches and migraines. Simple Tips To Easily Control The Factors That Are Causing Your Headaches & Migraines There are 3 … Read more

How To Relieve Lower Back Pain While Sitting: The Ultimate Guide

Do You Know What Causes Lower Back Pain When Sitting, And How To Relieve It? With people working from home and staying at home more from the  COVID-19 pandemic, people have been spending more time sitting.  But along with more sitting comes a number of other health consequences, including lower back pain when sitting TOO … Read more

Let’s Get Moving and Enjoy This Fall Weather!

Who’s happy that the season of Fall has arrived?! We are!! This is the time of the year that the outdoor scenery is beautiful with all the changes in colors, from the greens, to the reds, oranges, and yellows. There’s just something about getting out into the open air during Fall. We think the calmness … Read more

Happy Thanksgiving!

Giving thanks!…. With the holidays coming up, especially Thanksgiving, everyone is talking about gratitude these days.  We all know what gratitude is – by definition “the quality of being grateful (or thankful)” – but gratitude has far reaching health effects beyond just giving you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.  Gratitude has been shown in numerous … Read more

5 mindfulness strategies you can use to improve pain, health, and happiness

We live in a busy world.  Stress is everywhere and between taking care of yourself, your home, your job, and possibly a spouse, children, and/or parents, it’s easy to get caught up in rushing from one responsibility to then next and lose track of the moments.  However, doing so releases your body’s natural stress hormone, … Read more