90 Days ‘Til New Years Challenge!

Why DO Most New Year's Resolutions Fail?

Most New Year's resolutions fail for one reason:
Poor Planning (or NO Planning)

People often set their New Year's Resolutions on or shortly before New Years, but it's not really a RESOLUTION. When you make a RESOLUTION, you make "a firm decision to do or not to do something." But if you're just setting a lofty goal without planning, you don't have a resolution... you have a wish. 

You can't wish away 20 lbs, wish to stop smoking, or wish you would start exercising again and just expect it to happen.  What it takes to get there is a plan!

Achieving a lofty goal (which often New Year's "resolutions" are) requires a well-thought-out plan with lots of little goals along the way, and a roadmap of how to get from one goal to the next.

That's What Our 90 Days 'Til New Year's Challenge Is!

It's Your ROADMAP to a happier, healthier life in 2021!


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Our 90 Days Until New Year's program will help you create a plan to navigate through the upcoming holiday season and avoid all of the pitfalls, detours, and setbacks that can come with the holidays.  It will help you STAY ON COURSE and be in the best possible position to achieve your 2021 New Year's Resolution!

Who knows, maybe you can even achieve your resolution before 2021 begins.  After all, if you are RESOLVED to do something, why wait 3 more months to start?

If you're sick and tired of 2020 and ready to have a happier, healthier life... WHY NOT START TODAY?

Nothing magical happens when the ball drops at midnight on January 1.  You won't magically be any more motivated than you are today... but you might be in a worse position health-wise if you don't have a solid plan to navigate through the upcoming holiday season.

If you'd like to have a happier healthier 2021, we'd love to find out what your New Year's Resolution is, and help you create your plan to make your Resolution into a Reality!

What Does The FREE Planning Call Include?

The planning call will help you answer all of the questions you need to make sure your New Year's resolution is successful!

  1. WHAT is my resolution?
  2. WHY do I want to achieve it? How will my life be better when I do achieve it?
  3. WHEN do I want to achieve it by?
    (Goals without a firm deadline are unlikely to ever get met)
  4. HOW will I achieve this goal? How committed am I? Do I have the knowledge and motivation to do it on my own, or do I need help?  If so...
  5. WHO do I need on my team?

We would love to be part of your team, but ONLY if we're the right fit for you, and if you're the right fit for us.  We only want to work with clients who are firmly resolved to have a happier, healthier life in 2021.

That's what this FREE Planning Call will help us to decide... if YOU are ready to commit to your resolution, and if WE are the right fit to help you!


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