Let’s Get Moving and Enjoy This Fall Weather!

Who’s happy that the season of Fall has arrived?! We are!! This is the time of the year that the outdoor scenery is beautiful with all the changes in colors, from the greens, to the reds, oranges, and yellows. There’s just something about getting out into the open air during Fall. We think the calmness … Read more

What’s It Like To Suffer From Chronic Pain?

This month we’re celebrating chronic pain awareness as we celebrate the release of Dr. Candy’s new book, “Chronic Pain: You’re Not Just Getting Older, You’re Not Crazy, And It’s Not All In Your Head”. Many people who suffer from chronic pain have questions like: What’s wrong? Why hasn’t the pain gone away yet? Why can’t … Read more

Is Your Knee Arthritis Worse In The Winter?

Here in Missouri, the cold weather has been almost unbearable, right? This cold cold weather means increased aches and pains for many people with knee arthritis. The #1 thing to know about knee arthritis is that it doesn’t have to hurt! People over the age of 55 may be living with knee arthritis, but have no … Read more