Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga With Guest Colleen Caul

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 Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga

On this episode, Dr. Dave Candy and special guest Colleen Caul discuss how Yoga helps people who have suffered from trauma and Chronic Pain!

Key Takeaways:

  • What is Trauma-Informed Yoga
  • How it differs from Traditional Yoga
  • Who can benefit the most and what benefits you receive from Trauma-Informed Yoga
  • How can Trauma Informed-Yoga and Traditional Yoga be helpful
  • Yoga methods for someone suffering with Chronic Pain

About Colleen Caul

Colleen facilitates a variety of yoga series at Empowered Spaces throughout the year: Trauma-Informed Yoga (TIY) Series for Survivors of Sexual Trauma,  TIY Series for Survivors of Trauma, Yoga for Caregivers, and Yoga for Inner Peace & Wellness.Colleen’s love for yoga blossomed in 2013 when she started taking classes more regularly.  Suddenly, she was able to use yoga, pranayama and meditation to lower her stress, maintain perspective and instill a true sense of peace and balance in her life.  This transformation was so powerful that it eventually inspired Colleen to shift her career from nonprofit management to health and wellness.

To Connect with Colleen Caul

Website: https://inspiremovementllc.com/

Email: inspiremovementllc@gmail.com

Phone: 314-952-0187

Facebook: InspireMovement, LLC


To Connect with Dr. Dave Candy:

Email dave@stlpainexpert.com or contact him at More 4 Life using the contact information below:

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