Back Pain When Twisting?

Relieve Back Pain When Twisting

What you'll learn in the video below:

  1. Why twisting can cause back pain
  2. How to twist safely without back pain

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Relieve Back Pain When Twisting From Side To Side 

Twisting isn't great for your lower back, but sometimes you need to twist while doing everyday tasks or playing a sport (golf or tennis).

Why do you get back pain when twisting? 

  1. The way the joints in your lower back are designed. (They sit on tops of each other.)
  2. When you twist from side-to-side, your joints jam on top of each other causing you back pain.
  3. Your lower back is not optimally made to twist. Your upper back and hips/pelvis are made to twist.

How do you SAFELY move side-to-side to relieve back pain when twisting?

Twisting With Your Upper Back While Sitting

  1. Reach more with your arms and upper body
  2. Keep your lower body in place and stable

Twisting With Your Hips/Pelvis While Standing 

  1. Reach more with your arms and upper body
  2. Pick up your feet
  3. Rotate and pivot your pelvis towards the side you're reaching for
  4. Rotate your entire body

We hope you find the tips to be useful!  If you try these things and still have trouble twisting without back pain, give us a call at 314-941-3970 or email me at and we can further discuss your back pain.

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