5 Tips To Avoid Sciatica Or Lower Back Pain When Driving

Do You Get Sciatica Or Lower Back Pain When Driving?

There are 5 important things to pay attention to when you get in your car to drive somewhere. To avoid and relieve sciatica or lower back pain when driving, then be aware of these things:

  1. Back rest position
  2. Seat recline position
  3. Seat to steering wheel position
  4. Your position in the car seat
  5. Knee position

In the video below, learn how to properly sit in a car to avoid sciatica or lower back pain when driving...

5 Tips To Help Prevent Sciatica Or Lower Back Pain When Driving

5 important factors to consider when getting in your car to avoid sciatica or lower back pain when driving:

Back Rest Position

  • You want to make sure your lower back is flat against the back rest.
  • Avoid having a lot of arch in your lower back. You want to allow yourself to be able to sit back into the seat.
  • Lumbar support in your back rest: You don't have to use it just because you have back pain, and you're "supposed" to have lumbar support. Try it with and without the lumbar support, and then use whichever way feels better to you!

Seat Recline Position

  • Have your seat upright as possible and in a 90 degree position.
  • Reclining too far back puts a lot of stress on your lower back.

Seat To Steering Wheel Position  

  • If your seat is at 90 degrees but your leg is extended, then you're putting a lot of pressure on your sciatic nerve, which then creates your discomfort.
  • You don't want to be too far away that it's making you slouch.
  • You want to be close enough to the steering wheel to be upright, your back is supported, and you have a bend in your knee.

Your Position In The Car Seat

  • Shifting too far to one side or the other can put too much pressure on your buttock muscle and sciatic nerve.
  • You want to sit square to your steering wheel, so there is equal pressure on both sides of your body.

Knee Position

  • Turn your knee slightly outward, and use more of the outside of your foot instead of your big toe on the gas and break pedals.
  • Doing these 2 things will help release the pressure off of your sciatic nerve, hips, and buttock muscles.

We hope these 5 tips help you sit more comfortably to avoid sciatica and lower back pain when driving! 

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