How To Sit In A Recliner & On A Couch With Sciatica

Do You Get Sciatica When Sitting On A Couch Or In A Recliner?

If so, this post will give you simple & easy tips on how to sit on a couch with sciatica and how to sit in a recliner with sciatica.

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Why Do You Get Sciatica When Sitting For A Long Time?

Your sciatic nerve is made up from the nerve roots in your lower back (the L4, L5, S1, S2, and S3 nerve roots). Those nerve roots then join together to form the sciatica nerve, which comes out of your buttocks near your "sitz bones" - the bones you sit on.

When you're sitting for a long time, particularlly if you're sitting assymetrically, you put a lot of pressure and stress on your buttocks and can potentially put pressure on your sciatic nerve as it enters your buttock.

Another reason you might get sciatica when sitting on a couch or sitting in a recliner is if your back is not well supported.  If your back is not well supported, then you may it with too much arch in your back.

Sitting with too much arch in your back narrows the spaces when the nerve roots that make up the sciatic nerve exit your spine. This in turn can irritate the sciatic nerve.

In addition, when your back is not fully supported, then the muscles in your back can't relax.  This constant tension of the muscles creates further compression on your spine, thus further irritating the nerve roots that make up your sciatic nerve.

Fortunately, small changes in your sitting position can make a big difference in your symptoms!

Use the tips below to learn how to sit in a recliner and how to sit on a couch in order to avoid getting sciatica when sitting for a long time.

How To Sit In A Recliner With Sciatica

Use the tips below on how to sit in a recliner without getting sciatica

  1. Scoot all the way back into the chair and get to a place on the chair where you can actually rest your back on the back rest of the recliner
  2. Make sure your back isn't arched
  3. When reclining your chair - instead of keeping your knees and legs flat (this causes an arch in your lower back) - bend your knees and put your feet on the recliner to get your back in a better position!

How To Sit On A Couch With Sciatica

When sitting on a couch, where your back and butt hit the seat is VERY IMPORTANT!

Use the tips below on how to sit on a couch without getting sciatica

  1. When sitting, try to square up so there is equal pressure on both sides of your body. If you lean to one side more than the other, it causes more pressure and stress to that side instead of evenly distributing it. More Square = More Optimal
  2. Make sure to scoot all the way to the back of the couch so your back is flat against the backrest.
  3. If your feet don't touch the ground, put them up on an ottoman, put pillows under your knees, or put your feet flat on the seat of the couch with your knees bent.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful to relieve sciatica when you sit in a recliner or when you sit on a couch.

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