Prevent Sciatica & Lower Back Pain When Sweeping

Do You Get Sciatic Or Lower Back Pain When Sweeping Your Floors?

We commonly hear patients complain about back pain when sweeping the floor or doing other household chores.  But just a few simple changes can help make your housework much less of a pain in the butt (sometimes quite literally).

Watch the video below to learn how to prevent sciatica & lower back pain when sweeping...

How To Prevent Sciatica And Lower Back Pain When Sweeping

Sweeping the floors can put stress or pressure on the joints, muscles, and nerves in your back, which can cause you to have back pain or sciatica while doing household chores such as sweeping floors.

Tips To Prevent Sciatica & Lower Back Pain When Sweeping

  1. Keep the broom close to you to put less stress on your back. When you reach out to get things on the floor that are father away you're putting more stress on your back muscles.
  2. Stay upright as much as possible! Lean slightly forward to keep your back in a neutral position.
  3. Alternate hands if you're able to. Doing this helps avoid the stress on just one side of the body, and keeps the pressure on both sides even.
  4. If you need to sweep with your hands in the same position and can't stress, then switch your sweeping motion.

*It's good to switch up your pattern to eliminate the pressure and stress on one side of the body and keep it even on both sides! 

Hopefully these tips help you sweep your floors more comfortably!

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