Can’t Lift Leg To Get In Car?

Quick & Easy Exercise To Help Lift Your Leg To Get In The Car

Having difficulty lifting your leg up to get in the car, into bed at night, or to step up onto something? Then this video is for you!

Watch the video to learn this quick & easy exercise to help strengthen to leg so you can lift it up higher to get in the car...

What Causes Difficult Lifting Your Leg To Get In The Car Or Into Bed?

This is a common problem for people who have a hip flexor strain or hip arthritis. Muscle imbalances in the hip, low back, and abdominal muscles can often lead to difficulty lifting the leg.

These muscle imbalances include:

  1. Stiffness in the muscles in the back of the hip
  2. Overuse of certain hip flexor muscles
  3. Weakness or under-use of the iliopsoas (or iliacus and psoas in the picture below)
  4. Difficulty maintaining the low back in a neutral position due to abdominal muscle weakness

Anatomy Of The Hip & Low Back Muscles Involved In Lifting The Leg

can't lift leg to get in car or bed

What To Do If You Can't Lift your Leg To Get In The Car

Use this exercise to help you lift your leg higher, so you can get in the car and bed at night. 

  1. Sit in a chair
  2. Put foot on a step, box, or thick book
  3. Practice lifting up your leg (Even if your leg doesn't lift very high, it's a good start to get your hip stronger in the range of 90 degrees)
  4. Put your toes on the box, step, or thick book
  5. Do toe raises to help use your hip & calf muscles at the same time (If you need assistance for this, use your hands until those muscles get stronger)

This exercise should help strengthen your leg to be able to lift it in the car or into bed at night!

I hope you find the tips to be useful!  If you try these things and still can't lift your leg to get in the car or into bed at night, call us or text us at 314-941-3970 or email me at and we can further discuss your pain.

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