Can’t Lift Leg To Put On Socks? How To Use A Sock Aid + Exercise To Help

What Do You Do If You Can't Lift Your leg To Put On Socks?

If you can't lift your leg to put on socks, watch this video to learn how to use a sock aid to put on socks. Plus, you'll learn an exercise to help make putting on your socks easier.

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Why You Can't Lift Your Leg To Put On Socks

One really common reason that people can't lift their leg to put on socks is due to hip arthritis or otherwise having limited mobility in their hip.

If you have this, you may find it difficult to either bend down far enough to get your sock or to cross one leg over the other to put your sock on.

You may notice that you have to kind of grab your pant leg and pull it up, or you may notice that you just can't get it there.

If that's the case, then using a sock aid device can be helpful to help you get your socks on.

How To Use A Sock Aid To Help Put On Your Socks

A sock aid looks like this:

A sock aid is an incredibly helpful device if you have difficulty lifting your leg to get your socks on. And, you can buy one on Amazon for farily cheap.

Here's how to use a sock aid:

First, you take the sock aid and you put it inside the sock. In order to do this, it helps to ball the sock up just like if you're going to put it on your foot.

Next, insert the sock aid in all the way to the front part of the sock.

Can't lift leg to put on socks? How to use a sock aid step 1

Make sure you get it all the way to the front so that you don't have little crinkle of hanging out by your toes. That won't be very comfortable when you put it in your shoe.

After that, pull the top part of the sock all the way to the top of the sock helper.  This way the top of the sock won't be folded under when you go to put the sock up.

Then you drop the sock aid down on the floor.

Can't lift leg to put on socks? How to use a sock aid step 2

Slide your toes in, and again try to get them all the way to the front of the sock.

Next, you just pull the sock aid up, and it'll slide the sock on your foot.

Can't lift leg to put on socks? How to use a sock aid step 3

Make sure to pull it slowly so that it doesn't slip out too fast.

You may have to reach down to adjust top of the sock a little bit.  However, at least you won't have to reach all the way down to your toes to get your socks on.

Bonus: Sock Aid + Pants Assist Device

If you can't lift your leg to put your socks on, you may also have trouble getting your pants on.

If you choose to buy the Fanwer Sock Aid shown above, as a bonus, it also comes with a pants assist device.

They look like black suspender-looking clips. They  have little alligator clips that clip on in your pants.

How to use a pants helper to put on pants step 1

You just clip them on and then drop your pants down onto the floor.

Step into your pants with your feet, then use the pants helper to pull up your pants.

How to use a pants helper to put on pants step 2

After you have them pulled up, you just unclip the alligator clips.

Stretch To Help Make Putting On Your Socks Easier

You can also use the loop of the pants assist device like a stretching strap to do an exercise to make it easier to get your socks on.

Put your foot in the loop and then use the strap to help lift your leg so that you're sliding your heel up your shin.

exercise to help lift leg to put on socks

Just go as high as you can comfortably.

You can do this as a passive stretch, or you can use it to assist your leg muscles in lifting your leg so that they get stronger.

Practice doing this for a minute or two each day if you have trouble lifting your leg to put socks on.  You should get stronger and more flexible over time.

What About Getting Your Socks Back Off?

There are a couple of ways to get your socks back off.

Stepping on the toe of your sock

The first way is just to step on the toes of your sock and try to pin it down to the floor. Then just pull your other foot backward out of the sock.

taking off socks

This isn't a perfect solution, but it will get the job done.

Using a shoe horn

The other option is just to use a shoehorn.  You may need a long-handled shoe horn if you lack hip mobility.

You just put the shoe horn inside your sock behind your heel.

taking off socks with shoe horn

Then use the shoe horn to pry your sock off.


So hopefully, you found this helpful to learn how to get your socks on and off more easily.

Now if you do have hip arthritis, it's also a good idea to get physical therapy for hip pain in order to maintain and improve your hip mobility and strength.

This will hopefully help prevent or delay the need for hip replacement.

If you're in St. Louis are and need help for hip arthritis, we'd be happy to help you at More 4 Life.  Just tap the button below to request an appointment with one of our specialist physical therapists.

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