Declutter Your Body, Mentality, and Beliefs With Guest Anna Ortiz-Aragon

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Declutter Your Body, Mentality, and Beliefs

On this episode of the St. Louis Pain Expert Podcast, Dr. Dave Candy and special guest Anna Ortiz-Aragon discuss how Anna went from personal organizing to the psychology and mindset behind decluttering your life! Declutter your life is all about helping people become more aware of what they allow into their space and in all areas of life.

Background on Anna Ortiz-Aragon

I am a mom, wife & soulful entrepreneur. I am a Gemini Sun, Capricorn Moon, Virgo Rising, a 4:1 Self-Projected Projector & 9 life path. I believe that optimal alignment in mind, body & soul is the key to life & business. I am a former special education teacher, who worked in many alternative schools including Juvenile Detention, I have an extensive background in trauma, social work & childhood development. My first business was personal training, Then I became a yoga teacher, followed by professional organizer, Reiki Master, sound healer & now I am proud to call myself a soulful entrepreneur. I inspire women to create massive impact & influence with their soul-driven business.

I offer 1-on-1 coaching, a group Mastermind, The Oracle Lounge membership & Soul Business Readings.

Mission & Values:

  • To solve¬†systemic, environmental &¬†social issues¬†through Soulful Entrepreneurship.
  • To¬†build a¬†legacy¬†for my family.
  • To travel the world with with¬†healers, teachers & guides¬†from all walks of life.

‚ÄčIn this episode we discuss:

  • How decluttering saved Anna's life
  • How your environment affects your physical and mental health
  • Common issues that cause people to acquire clutter in the first place
  • How to overcome beliefs that were set during your childhood
  • How to help people change from a deep, catastrophic mindset
  • First steps on how to start removing clutter

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