Why Does My Knee Hurt When It’s Cold?

Have you ever asked yourself, "Why does my knee hurt when it's cold out?"

Winter's almost here, and in traditional Midwestern style, we've had a mix of fall-like weather, alternating with cold, damp weather, and often within 24-48 hours of each other.

With the colder weather that has been here, and particularly the rapid changes in weather patterns, we've had a number of patients come in with complaints of knee pain wondering, "Why does my knee hurt when it's cold out?"

More importantly, they want to know if it's something they have to just learn to live with, or if there's something that they can do to keep their knees from hurting when it's cold out.

Watch the video below to learn tips on what to do before, during, and after going to bed at night to help you knee your knee from hurting when it's cold out...

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Tips To Help Keep Your Knees From Hurting When It's Cold Out

At night or while you are sleeping, you aren't moving and you're staying stationary. Which means, your blood isn't flowing like it does during the day when you are actively moving. Right before bedtime, you want to allow your body to wind down and allow it to get in resting mode.

If you go to bed with stiff muscles, you'll wake up with even stiffer muscles! Doing exercises or stretches before bed to help loosen up your knees will help keep your knees from hurting at night, and it won't take you 30 minutes to "warm up" in the morning before you feel like you can get your day started.

In addition, use the tips below to keep your knees from hurting at night when it's cold out.

Sleeping Positions To Help Keep Your Knees From Hurting At Night  

  1. Sleeping on your side- Put a pillow between your knees so they are hip width apart, and have your knees relatively straight.
  2. Sleeping on your back- Put a pillow underneath your knees to have a slight rise.

Stretch Out Your Knees Before Getting Out Of Bed In The Morning 

  1. Sit up and slide over to the edge of the bed
  2. Move your knees back and forth to help your hamstrings stretch out, and get blood flowing to your muscles and joints

When You Are Ready To Stand Up Out of Bed

  2. Make sure you are at the edge of the bed with your feet on the floor
  3. Move your knees closer to you
  4. Spread your knees so they are hips width apart
  5. Lean your trunk out forward and put your head down. (This will start to lift your hips off of the bed.)
  6. Roll yourself up

Do Your Knees Hurt When It's Cold Out?

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