Prevent Back Pain When Golfing

Do You Get Back Pain When Golfing?

Use the tips in this video to prevent back pain during and after golf...

Learn How To Prevent Back Pain When Golfing

Golf season is coming here in Missouri, and that means golfers are heading back to the golf course. But after a winter of sitting around, a return to activities that you haven't done in awhile can lead to flare ups of old aches & pains. This blog will help prevent back pain while golfing this year.

Golf is a rotational sport, but the anatomy of the low back (lumbar spine) is not suited well to twisting.  Therefore, too much twisting in the low back can leave you at risk for back pain from your golf swing.

Use These Tips To Prevent Back During Your Golf Swing:

  1. Turn your lead leg out.  This will allow you to rotate your pelvis through more on your follow up.
  2. On your backswing, wind up by rotating your pelvis backward and shifting your weight to your rear leg.
  3. Wind up your torso, allowing your arms to follow.  Think of it like winding up a spring.
  4. When you go to swing, you're just allowing the spring tension you built during your backswing to unwind.
  5. Rotate your pelvis forward as you allow your trunk and then arms to follow.
  6. Follow through by getting your pelvis to face the direction you want the ball to go, allowing your rearfoot to pivot up onto your toe.
  7. You should end up on the outside part of your front foot and the toe of your rearfoot.

Hopefully these tips help you to not only avoid back pain when golfing, but also to improve your golf game.

Stay tuned for our next post, where we'll discuss how to prevent shoulder pain when golfing.

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