Prevent Shoulder Pain When Golfing

Do You Get Shoulder Pain When Golfing?

Use the tips in this video to prevent shoulder pain when golfing...

Tips On Preventing Shoulder When And After Golfing

After long periods of sitting around during the off-season or doing less physical activity a sudden return these activities can lead to shoulder pain when golfing.

In our last post, we discussed how to prevent back pain when golfing. In this one, we'll show you how to prevent shoulder pain when golfing.

Tips For Preventing Shoulder Pain On Your Back Swing:

  1. For a right handed golfer, it's more likely you'll get left shoulder pain on your backswing as you reach across the body with that arm.
  2. To prevent left shoulder pain on your backswing, make sure that you wind up by rotating your pelvis backward and shifting your weight to your rear leg.
  3. Wind up your torso, allowing your arms to follow.  Think of it like winding up a spring. The tension should come from winding your body, not from your arms.
  4. When you go to swing, you're just allowing the spring tension you built during your backswing to unwind

Tips For Avoiding Shoulder Pain On Your Follow-Through:

  1. For a right handed golfer, you're more likely to have right shoulder pain on your follow through, again because this is the arm that reaches across your body, which can cause pinching of the rotator cuff tendons in your shoulder.
  2. As you swing, rotate your pelvis forward as you allow your trunk and then arms to follow.
  3. Follow through by getting your pelvis to face the direction you want the ball to go, allowing your rearfoot to pivot up onto your toe.
  4. You should end up on the outside part of your front foot and the toe of your rearfoot.
  5. By allowing your body to rotate more, you avoid reaching across your body as much with your right arm, thus preventing right shoulder pain on the follow through of your golf swing.

Hopefully these tips help you to not only avoid shoulder pain when golfing, but also to improve your golf game!

If you'd like to read more on how to avoid pain when golfing, check out our article on how to prevent back pain when golfing.

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