The Sexy Thyroid Solution with guest Angela Brown

Dr. Dave Candy and thyroid coach Angela Brown discuss how thyroid problems can go undetected for 15+ years causing fatigue and difficulty losing weight. Learn how Angela overcame her own thyroid problems and now helps other women do the same with her coaching program "The Sexy Thyroid Solution".

Key Discussions:

  • What are some common symptoms of thyroid problems?
  • Why does it take often take years to detect thyroid problems?
  • What type of testing is needed if thyroid panels come back "normal" but you still have symptoms?
  • What solutions are there for a chronically underactive thyroid?
  • What is "The Sexy Thyroid Solution"?

About Angela Brown:

Angela is a holistic health coach from St. Louis, MO.  She is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), a licensed physical therapist, as well as a personal trainer.  She specializes in advanced testing and thyroid healing for women.  She has recovered from hypothyroidism herself after being diagnosed at the age of 22.  She used her experience and education to create her program called "The Sexy Thyroid Solution" to help women no longer suffer like she did and get to the root cause of their health issues.

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Instagram: @angelabrowncoach


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Call/Text: 314-941-3970

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