Cardinals Face A Mound Of Trouble With Three Pitchers Sidelined By Injuries

Proper Conditioning and Attention To Technique Are Vital To Preventing Overuse Injuries

"As the Cardinals complete their 58th game of the season, three pitchers get injured within a week, reminding us how long the grueling 162-game MLB season really is.

After the abridged 60-game season in 2020, a return to the first full season since the pandemic brings with it unwelcome overuse injuries as the Cardinals approach their 60th game."

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"Cardinals Face A Mound Of Trouble With Three Pitchers Sidelined By Injuries"

The article emphasizes the importance of proper technique during repetitive activities in order to prevent overuse injuries.  In this particular case, the repetitive activity is pitching, but the same principles can be applied to other activities like walking, typing, or cleaning.

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