Uncover A Hidden Trick For Better Balance and Fall Prevention

Falls are a major concern among seniors.  In fact, 1 in 4 seniors falls each year. However, many balance and fall prevention exercises fail to address one really important component of balance.

Watch the video to learn an often overlooked trick to improve balance and fall prevention in seniors.

The Overlooked Secret To Balance and Fall Prevention

Many physical therapy and exercise programs aim to enhance balance and prevent falls in seniors.

However, most of the time when you go to those programs, you're wearing shoes. Therefore, your feet are "out of sight, out of mind."

But your feet play a really important role in your balance.

You use your feet for for sensory feedback to feel the ground beneath you.

However, you also use your toes to enhance your base of support, grip the ground, and adapt to uneven surfaces.

Therefore, it's important to improve your foot stability and toe strength in order to improve balance and prevent falls.

The Balancing Act Revealed

Doing single-leg stands or tandem stands is great, but if you still find yourself struggling with balance, your foot muscles might be the missing link.

Use the steps below to strengthen your foot muscles for better balance and fall prevention.

  1. Toes Curling Technique: Start by consciously curling your toes, creating a solid grip with the ground, and forming an arch in the bottom of your foot. arch strengthening exercise for better balance and fall prevention in seniors
  2. Building the Base: Align your knee over your toe, your hip over your knee, and activate those glute muscles for a systematic approach to a strong base.
  3. Transition to Lift: Gradually lift weight off the opposite leg while maintaining stability. The key is a smooth, controlled transition.

single leg stand exercise for better balance and fall prevention

Embracing The Balance Challenge

This exercise may seem challenging initially.

However, with consistent practice a few times a week, you'll notice remarkable improvements in balance and stability.

Further more, you'll reduce  your risk of falling on uneven surfaces.

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