How To Release A Tight Psoas Muscle To Relieve Lower Back Pain

A Tight Psoas Muscle Can Be A Cause Of Back Pain.

Learn how to perform a tight psoas muscle technique to relieve lower back pain by watching this video...

The Psoas Muscle Is A Major Cause Of Lower Back Pain!

The psoas muscle is located from your hip to your belly button and it's part of the the iliopsoas. The iliopsoas is made up of 2 parts:

  • Iliacus muscle which attaches to the hip bone
  • Psoas muscle which attaches to the spine

How To Release A Tight Posas Muscle & Relieve Lower Back Pain

TIP: Use the bathroom before starting this technique because you'll be applying pressure to your abdomen, which may put some pressure on your bladder!

  1.  Lay down on your back and bend your knees on a bed or the floor
  2. Take your hands and start gently applying pressure by pressing through your abdomen (from your hip to your belly button).  This is where your psoas muscle is located.
  3. You want to start superficial, then start gently sinking deeper and deeper into you abdomen
  4. You will reach a point where you will start to feel some tension beneath your fingers
  5. When you find that first tension spot, hold that gentle pressure there
  6. Take a couple deep breaths in and out
  7. Every time you breathe out, you should be able to sink deeper into your psoas muscle
  8. Keep applying pressure in different areas from your belly button to your hip, to see if you have tension anywhere else. If you find another spot(s), then repeat the breaths
  9. Do this for 5-10 minutes
  10. When you sit back up, you should notice that your back is feeling better and your hips don't feel as tight!

The relief you get from this technique will last for a little while... minutes, hours, or even days.  However, there's deeper issues of WHY?...

The BIG question is: "Why did the psoas muscle get tight in the first place?"

If you go back to doing whatever was causing your psoas become tight in the first place, then you will feel the tension come back.

We can help you find the deeper roots of why it is tight in the first place and help you find long-lasting relief from lower back pain!

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