Gaining The Life You Deserve Using Hypnotherapy With Guest Melanie McCool

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Gaining The Life You Deserve Using Hypnotherapy

On this episode of the St. Louis Pain Expert Podcast, Dr. Dave Candy and special guest Melanie McCool, Clinical Hypnotherapist,  discuss how mindset blocks can stop you from living a happy, healthy life and the things you want to achieve in life.

Background on Melanie McCool

Melanie McCool is a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist who sees clients internationally via online video conference, as well as in her office in downtown New Port Richey, Florida. Her passion and purpose is to help you to empower yourself personally and professionally so that you can thrive in the life of your design!


​Episode discussions:

  • Melanie's powerful experience with hypnotherapy
  • Mindset blocks that people may have
  • How to discover what your mindset blocks are and how they are overcame with hypnotherapy
  • What to do differently to help change your self limiting beliefs
  • How to let your mind trust and believe
  • How hypnotherapy helps people to break their bad habits (ie. smoking)

To Connect with Melanie McCool:



Phone: 813-803-2403




To Connect with Dr. Dave Candy:

Email or contact him at More 4 Life using the contact information below:

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