Happy Feet For The Summer Heat!

Got Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, or Other Foot Pain?
Check out the tips below for help...

With the warmer summer weather, we've see an increase in the number of people with foot complaints now that people are spending more time outdoors.  Use the tips below to help keep your feet happy this summer!

There are 3 foot types in general.  Knowing your foot type is important because the self-care advice for each foot type may be different.

  1. Neutral foot (normal arch height)
  2. Flat foot (prontated foot)
  3. High arch foot (supinated foot)

**Often we see people in the office who have a naturally medium to high arch foot, but when they put weight on their feet, they flatten out.  This is not everyone, but it is the most common problem that we see.

Tips for people with flat feet:

  1. Curl the toes slightly and put the weight slightly more on the outside than on the inside of the foot.
  2. Create a medium arch height and keep the arch lifted as you walk.
  3. Hit slightly on the outside of the foot as you load weight onto the foot and then push off of the big toe.
  4. Wear "motion control" shoes that are firm, and offer structure with good arch support that help keep your foot from flattening too much.  Flip flops are great for sitting by the pool, but not so great for walking long distances.
  5. Alternatively, over-the-counter orthotics can help.  In general, we like Foot Levelers' Custom Orthotics for the average person in need of some arch support.  We do recommend an individual consultation before buying either shoes or custom orthotics though, to make sure that you buy the correct type.

Tips for people with neutral feet:

  1.  Wear a "stability" shoe with a medium arch height.
  2. You likely won't need orthotics if you wear the correct shoes.
  3. Still be mindful to maintain normal flexibility in the calves (see video above for stretching tips).

Tips for people with high-arch feet:

  1. Use "cushioning shoes" that offer flexibility and shock absorption.
  2. Wear soft, cushioned arch supports.  We like Foot Leveler's Custom Orthotics, again for the average person with a high arch foot, but your needs may differ.
  3. Stretch your calves (see video above).  MOST people don't use proper technique with stretching their calves, so even if you've tried it, you may not have been getting the full benefit from stretching.
  4. Hands-on manual therapies (we do that here) are often helpful to "loosen" stiff joints and muscles in the foot and ankle, as the high-arch foot type is often stiff and rigid

Tips for ALL foot types:

Don't forget about everything ABOVE the feet! You can't separate your feet from your legs, so the strength in your hips as well as your control of your low back and core can affect your feet as well.  Many podiatrists will prescribe orthotics, but they don't look at how all of the other parts of your body are interacting to affect your feet.  At More 4 Life, we treat every patient as a WHOLE PERSON.  We look not only at your feet, but also at your knees, hips, and back. We base our treatments on addressing YOUR specific goals of what you NEED and WANT to be able to do.

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