Pelvic Pain: The Medical Black Box with guest Dr. Brooke Kalisiak

Dr. Dave Candy and Dr. Brooke Kalisiak talk about chronic pelvic pain

In this episode, Dr. Candy talks with Dr. Brooke Kalisiak, a Board-Certified Women's Health Physical Therapist about chronic pelvic pain. Learn why Dr. Kalisiak refers to chronic pelvic pain as the Medical Black Box, and how she helps patients unlock their freedom from chronic pelvic pain.

Dr. Brooke Kalisiak is the owner of Legacy Physical Therapy in St. Louis, MO where she offers specialized pelvic rehabilitation services to the public.  She has a passion for helping women and men enjoy healthy active lifestyles, restoring dignity and confidence in bladder, bowel, pelvic and sexual function without relying on pain medicines or surgery.  Her mission is to educate the public about the importance of pelvic health.

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