Living Successfully With Pain: Who Copes & Who Suffers – With Guest Dr. Bronnie Lennox Thompson

Dr. Dave Candy and Dr. Bronnie Lennox Thompson discuss the features that distinguish people that are able to cope with chronic pain and live happy normal lives from those who suffer due to their pain.

You'll Learn:

  • Common misconceptions about pain
  • What are neuropathic and nociplastic pain?
  • The coping process in chronic pain & chronic illness
  • The 5 key features of people who live active & well despite pain
  • Resources that you can use to get back to a happier, healthier life

About Dr. Bronnie Lennox Thompson:

Dr. Bronnie Lennox Thompson is the I'm the Academic Director, Postgraduate Programmes in Pain & Pain Management, Orthopaedic Surgery & Musculoskeletal Department, University of Otago, Christchurch, NZ.

She is the author of two Health Skills blogs for:

For people living with pain:

More resources mentioned on this episode of the podcast:

Pete Moore Pain Toolkit -
Restoring Venus by Amy Eicher -
Joletta Belton -

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