Best Slip-On Walking Shoe of 2022 In People Magazine

I'm honored to have been quoted in People Magazine in an article on the 21 Best Walking Shoes of 2022. 

Dr. Dave Candy was quoted in People Magazine in regards to the best slip-on walking shoe of 2022

Specifically, I was asked about the best slip-on walking shoe.

What Was My Pick For The Best Slip-On Walking Shoe?

I picked the Vionic Women's Brisk Jada Slip-on Leisure Shoe.

Why did I pick this shoe?

Well, to be fully honest, I typically wouldn't recommend a slip-on shoe as the best walking shoe.

It's usually better to have lace up shoes so that the shoe hugs your foot and can control your foot motion better.

But I was specifically asked to chose the best slip-on walking shoe.

Given that, I chose this particular slip-on shoe because has a no-tie lacing system. This allows you to slip the shoes on and off without having to tie and untie the shoes each time. Despite the slip-on design, the shoe still provides enough support to help control foot motion while walking.

Like all Vionic Shoes, this on features their patented Three-Zone Comfort system that provides stability in the rearfoot, good arch support in the midfoot, and cushioning in the forefoot.

Finally, it comes in a few different colors so that it still looks like a stylish walking shoe... not an ugly, clunky orthopedic shoe.

So if you're looking specifically for a slip-on walking shoe, this is the one I'd recommend.

However, as I previously mentioned, lace-up shoes are much better for walking.

What Was PEOPLE's Overall Pick For Best Walking Shoe?

The walking shoe that took the top spot was the HOKA Women's Bondi 8 Running Shoe because it has a lot of cushioning and a "grippy sole".

I find that HOKA's in general are very polarizing: people either love them or hate them.  

Largely, they are big, heavy shoes. They do provide a good amount of stability, and this particular model has a bit of a rocker bottom in case you have stiff calves.

One thing I will say about these shoes is that they provide rigid stability for the over-pronator.

Typically such a shoe isn't good for someone with high-arches because stiff shoes usually don't provide good shock absorption.

However, since these shoes are ultra-cushioned with memory foam, they do offer both the benefits of stability and shock absorption.

If you're using these as walking shoes instead of running shoes, it's likely that people with both high and low arches can use them comfortably, which is probably another reason why they gained top pick for best walking shoe of 2022.

Where Can You Buy These Walking Shoes?

You can probably find them at a specialty running shoe store near you if you want to try them on first.  However, if  you want to skip the running around and order them online, you can buy them where you buy everything else: on Amazon

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