Cancer Survivorship: Physical and Emotional Healing With Guest Dr. April Morrison

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Cancer Survivorship: Physical and Emotional Healing

On this episode, Dr. Dave Candy and Dr. April Morrison, Women's Health and Public Health Specialist, discuss Post Cancer Care including Breast Cancer, other Reproductive Cancers for both genders, and Dr. April's humbling experience through it all!

Background on Dr. April Morrison

Dr. April Morrison has been a Physical Therapist in the Treasure Valley serving outpatient and inpatient acute care patients since 2014. She has specialty training in both women's and men's pelvic health, and focuses on treating each patient individually based on their unique situations. Additionally, she is passionate about working with the pregnant and postpartum population, caring for moms of all stages!  She prides herself on taking extra time during therapy treatments to hear each patient's story to best diagnose and treat more effectively. When not working, April enjoys traveling and exploring with her husband, Michael, supporting her nieces and nephews in their activities, and snuggling with her fur-baby, Murphy.

In this episode we discuss:

  • April's Humbling Journey
  • Common concerns and complaints that post cancer patients have
  • What "Peezing" is
  • Why swelling is the enemy to healing
  • Tips & Advice on swelling
  • Reproductive Cancer Tips
  • The emotional side to post cancer care

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Phone: (208) 960-0990



Instagram: @destinations_pt

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