Top 10 Reasons For Chronic Pain After Knee Replacement

Have You Had A Knee Replacement But Still Have Pain?

In this video, Dr. Dave Candy and Dr. David Middaugh share the top 10 reasons why people continue to have chronic pain after knee replacement even after 1 to 5 years.

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Top 10 Reasons For Chronic Pain After A Knee Replacement

If you're still having chronic pain after a knee replacement, you're not alone.

Upto 20% of people don't get as much relief from their knee replacement as they had hoped to.

Here are the top 10 reasons why people continue having knee pain even 1 to 5 years after a knee replacement.

1 - Lacking Knee Extension

After a knee replacement, it's crucial to straighten your knee promptly. Focus on quad strength too, not just bending.

2 - Weak Glutes

Build glute strength for balanced hip and knee muscles post-surgery. I'm Dr. Dave, an orthopedic manual physical therapist.

3 - Stiff Calves

Stiff calves hinder proper walking. Compensating by twisting the knee can lead to inner knee, hip, and foot pain.

4 - Hip & Foot Pain

Knee collapsing inward causes chronic pain. Don't ignore persistent discomfort; address it for better long-term outcomes.

5 - Pes Anserine Tendons:

Inner shin pain may arise from three muscles attaching to the inner knee. Consider the saffron nerve and femoral nerve involvement.

6 - Saphenous Nerve

Post-surgery, the saphenous nerve may not heal correctly, causing chronic pain. Ensure proper nutrition for optimal recovery.

7 - Improper Nutrition

Nutrition matters post-knee replacement. Give your body the proteins and nutrients it needs for effective recovery.

8 - Weak Foot Muscles

Strengthen toe-curling muscles; they impact knee, hip, and back alignment. Don't overlook foot muscle strength for a solid foundation.

9 - Anxiety & Depression

Address anxiety and depression to manage pain perception. Counseling or talking to a trusted person can be beneficial.

10 - Stiff Quad Muscles

Massaging stiff quad muscles aids knee flexibility. Overused muscles can contribute to chronic knee pain; take care of them.

Need Help For Chronic Pain After A Knee Replacement?

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