2 Ways To Help Relieve Knee Pain Going Down Stairs

Do You Get Knee Pain Going Down Stairs?

Watch the video below to learn 2 ways to help relieve knee pain going down stairs...

Knee Pain Going Down Stairs Is Common But Not Normal

Pain when going down stairs of the most common complaints among people who have knee pain.  In fact, it's even more common than knee pain going up stairs.

That seems counter-intuitive, but muscles actually have to work harder to lower a weight than to lift a weight.

When you have knee pain, it's natural to want to go down the stairs slowly and cautiously so you don't fall. When going down the stairs slowly, it uses a lot of force and effort from your thigh muscles to fight against gravity. That in turn puts a lot of stress on your knee joint which can cause pain on the front of the knee.

2 Ways To Relieve Knee Pain Going Down Stairs 

  1. Step off the edge of the stair and then let gravity take you down.  This uses little to no effort from your thigh muscles.
  2. Put the ball of your foot slightly off the edge of the stair and then let gravity take you down.  If you have stiff calves or ankle joints, it makes it harder to get your knee in front of your toes.  This can cause your knee go go inward causing pain on the inside or outside of the knee.  Allowing your foot to roll over the edge of the step helps avoid this flexibility issue, although it's still a good idea to do calf stretches.
  3. Use the hand rail for balance if you need it.

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