Swing Like A Pro with guest Dr. Jake Berman

On today's episode, Dr. Dave Candy talks with Dr. Jake Berman, physical therapist and creator of the online course "Swing Like A Pro" about tips that you can use to not only prevent back pain when golfing, but also hit the ball farther off the tee.

Key Discussions:

  • Why the same things that prevent back pain also help you get greater distance off the tee.
  • Using muscles instead of momentum
  • What are the "right" and "wrong" muscles to use when golfing?
  • "The slower you go, the farther the ball will go"
  • What you can learn in Dr. Berman's course "Swing Like A Pro"

Contact Dr. Jake Berman:

Email: drberman@bermanpt.com

Phone: 239-431-0232

Website: bermanpt.com

Online "Swing Like A Pro" course:


To Contact Dr. Dave Candy:

Email: dave@stlpainexpert.com

Call/Text: 314-941-3970

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