Get Love, Give Love This Valentine’s Day

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Love Yourself Before You Can Love Others

With Valentine’s Day coming up, everyone has love on their minds and in their hearts.  Valentine’s Day is a time to appreciate, nurture, and strengthen all of the relationships that we have.  Whether romantic love for a spouse, partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend; familial love for a parent, child, brother, or sister; or love for a close friend – loving others starts with loving yourself.  They say “You can’t pour from an empty cup,”...meaning if you don’t first have strong foundation in love for yourself, then there’s no way that you can be grounded enough in your relationships to care for others.

So many of my patients have caring, giving hearts.  They always put others before themselves…being a good mother, wife, friend, employee, or volunteer.  But there are only so many hours in a day, and they have only so much energy to give.  So often, WHO gets neglected?...THEY do.  They make do with only a few hours sleep to try to fit everything in.  Or, they spend so much time and energy giving to others, that they don’t have time or energy left at the end of the day to exercise.  They may just grab something quick to eat on the go…and not always the healthiest choices...but the convenience of fast food, a candy bar, or an energy bar or drink are sometimes too hard to resist.  Or, they may just skip meals all together…they wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds anyway.  Or, just have coffee…it’s a good way to justify a $5 Starbucks if you’re replacing a meal, right?

And amazingly (…not!)…skipping sleep, meals, and exercise makes them MORE tired, MORE sore, MORE grumpy, and they GAIN weight!

Can you relate to any of this?

If so, it’s time you put yourself FIRST.  You work so hard giving to other that its time to give back to yourself. YOU DESERVE IT!  If you’re tired and run down, you won’t be able to nurture and care for others to the greatest of your ability.

BUT, if you’d feel guilty spending money to treat yourself to something like a massage, we’ve got an offer to help you clear your conscience!

From now until Valentine’s Day, when you TREAT YOURSELF to any one-hour massage, you can get a HALF PRICE gift certificate to give to someone that you love.


And that’s something everyone can be happy about!

But don’t waste time!  This offer is only valid for the first 14 customers who sign up before February 14, so schedule your massage today!

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