Doctor Heal Thyself: How A Minor Cut Can Turn Into A Staph Infection AND Valuable Lesson YOU Can Learn From MY Recent Experience

Watch the video to learn the full story of why my face looks like this, and what you can learn from it!

Take Home Points

  1. Wash your hands frequently and keep them away from your face - Cold and flu season is coming aboard.  Remembering these practices can help prevent disease transmission to yourself and others.
  2. We make the poorest healthcare choices when it comes to ourselves - We recognize the splinter in another's eye but ignore the board in our own (pun totally intended).
  3. Even though your spouse or significant other "doesn't know anything" - they're right and you're wrong.  - The people closest to us in our lives don't mean to nag us, they just want what is best for us... and usually they are a better judge of that than we are in judging for ourselves.
  4. Don't Ignore Small Problems - When minor issues, like a simple cut or a minor ache or pain occur, there's a tendency to thing they will go away or get better on their own.  Usually, they won't!  Minor problems left unattended tend to get worse with time, not better!

Do You Have A Minor Ache Or Pain That Isn't Going Away?

We tend to make the worst healthcare decisions about ourselves, and even when the people closest to us are giving us good advice, sometimes it takes a knowledgeable and neutral third party to help us take the right actions.   We'd love to be that knowledgeable, neutral third party for you! 

Talk to A Specialist About Your Minor Aches & Pains and Learn What Can Be Done To Address Them NOW To Keep Them From Getting Worse In The Future

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