Things you need to know BEFORE having a total knee replacement

Are you considering a total knee replacement? If so, make sure to read this article first. We now have enough information to reasonably predict which patients are at higher risk for having a poor outcome following total knee replacement. Overall, total knee replacement is an incredibly successful surgery, but about 10% of patients are dissatisfied … Read more

5 mindfulness strategies you can use to improve pain, health, and happiness

We live in a busy world.  Stress is everywhere and between taking care of yourself, your home, your job, and possibly a spouse, children, and/or parents, it’s easy to get caught up in rushing from one responsibility to then next and lose track of the moments.  However, doing so releases your body’s natural stress hormone, … Read more

Low Back Pain by the Numbers

Low back pain is incredibly common, affecting upto 80% of Americans in their lifetime.  This has created a 100-billion dollar per year industry focused on treating it.  Yet despite advanced imaging technology, surgical techniques, and vast numbers of new drugs targeted at treating pain, inflammation, nerve irritability and more, the prevalence of low back pain has continued to rise.  Below is an infographic summarizing some mind-blowing statistics about the cost, both financially and in terms of lives lost caused from back pain.   

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Fortunately, a recent study has shown that physical therapy is equally effective and less risky than surgery for treating lumbar spinal stenosis, a common diagnosis for which people may choose to have back surgery.  Additionally, the risks of using opioids include high misuse or abuse potential, negative side effects, and risk of death from overdose.  Thus the American Physical Therapy Association has started a campaign to #ChoosePT, a safer, less expensive, and equally effective option to treating low back pain and other chronic pain.  

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