It’s March! How’s That New Year’s Resolution Going?

Don't Chase Leprechauns Or Follow Rainbows In Search Of Better Health... Make It Happen In 2021!

It's March, and  that means the year is 1/6th of the way over already. So how's that New Year's Resolution going? January 1st seems like a while ago, and you may have even forgotten that you made a New Year's resolution. If you resolved to lose 30 lb this year, then you should have lost AT LEAST 5 pounds already, probably more since the you usually have an initial quick drop in weight whenever you start a diet or exercise program that levels off with time.

I your resolution isn't quite going the way you’d planned, he's probably because you didn’t plan, and a resolution without a plan is just a dream. If you plan to lose weight, or go to the gym more often, or eat better this year, those are all just dreams.  

You need a concrete plan, for example with exercise:

“I’m going to go to the gym three days per week for 30 minutes each time. Those days will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I will go at  6 a.m. each day. In order to do this, I will need to make sure I am in bed by 10pm the night before. Each time I go, I’ll walk for 10 minutes on the treadmill, do 10 minutes on the elliptical, and lift weights for 10 minutes.  Each week, I’ll increase my time on each of these by 1 minute per week until I am up to an hour of exercise after 20 weeks.”

A plan to “eat better” might be be:

I'm going to eat  approximately 1500 calories per day. I'll eat 3 meals and 2 snacks each day. I will make sure to eat at least a little protein at each meal, and I’ll  eat at least 25 grams of fiber per day and drink at least 8 glasses of water each day if fill me up. Each week, I will make out a menu at the beginning of the week and a shopping list with all of the ingredients that I will need to make the meals on the menu. I’ll have healthy snacking options available, and I’ll limit junk food to 1 time per week as a treat. Otherwise, I’ll keep junk food out of the house so that I'm not tempted to eat it.”

Then, once you have a plan it's your blueprint to success!  But even a blueprint without execution is just a pretty picture. It doesn't build a house!  Now, when we have a good plan, why is it that we don't follow through? Well life gets busy, other things come up, and pretty soon we just revert back to our old ways. Without having someone to hold us accountable, we think it's okay because we're not letting anyone down except ourselves. But why is it not okay to let someone else down, but it's okay to let ourselves down. Is it because we don't value ourselves as highways we value others?

If your resolution is going the way you want it to, that's wonderful! Keep up the great work!

...But if it’s not, rather than chasing leprechauns and following rainbows hoping things will change, I'd love to talk to you about how Movement for Life can help you put together AND execute a plan to turn your New Year's resolution from just a dream into reality. Whether your resolution is for weight loss, eating better, exercising more, overcoming some type of pain, I'd love to help you turn 2021 into the year when you finally start to live happier healthier lifestyle that you deserve!   

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