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Years of experience in strength sports

Dr. Dave Candy has been involved in the weightlifting and fitness industry for over 15 years

He started out weight training in order to get stronger for wrestling. In 2000, at 16 years of age, he set a World Powerlifing Association world record in the Bench Press (260 lbs) and Total (815 lbs) in the 16-17 year old 123 lb class that still stands today.

Following that competition, Dave decided to change to bodybuilding training as the consistent heavy, low repetition training was causing too much joint stress.  He competed in National Physique Committee bodybuilding from 2003 to 2007 culminating in a National Championship in 2007 in the Bantamweight class.

Dave won his IFBB Pro card at that time, but shortly after this he graduated from his Doctor of Physical Therapy program as well as got married to his wonderful and supportive wife, Alison. Rather than competing as an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder he decided to focus his energy on his new family and career and "go Pro" in physical therapy.

Dave Candy 2007 NPC National Champion_CrossFit_Strength

Dr. Candy spent the next several years continuing his education and training through fellowship training in manual therapy and certification in trigger point dry needling.  All the while though, he continued to train and eat healthy.

He has done a variety of different training styles including CrossFit, Olympic style lifting, heavy powerlifting training, and higher volume bodybuilding training.  Today Dr. Candy is able to squat heavier than ever before, with less back and joint pain thanks to his continued learning of proper biomechanics of the spine and lower extremities.

The human spine is incredibly strong when properly aligned and with adequate core stability to keep it that way.

Learning to use your spine to your advantage can help you to perform better and last longer in your chosen sport without injury.

Whether you train for CrossFit, powerlifting, weightlifting, or bodybuilding Dr. Candy understands the unique needs of the strength athlete and can help you become a safer, smarter, and stronger athlete.

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