Tennis Elbow / Golfer’s Elbow


Tennis elbow refers to pain on the bone on the outside of the elbow.  Golver's elbow refers to pain on bone the inside of the elbow.  Both of these are overuse injuries (tendinopathies) in which the tendon attaching the forearm muscles pulls on the attachment to the bone and causes the build-up of chemicals that can trigger a pain response.  These conditions are common in tennis players and golfers due to using the gripping muscles of the forearms to stabilize their

racket or club while exerting force on the ball.  However, other repetitive use of the forearm muscles such as computer work, playing an instrument, or factory work can cause the same symptoms.  The solution is simple in the muscles and they get better.  In reality though we have to use our hands for just about everything.  Muscle imbalances in which one muscle group is used too much and other muscle groups too little are major contributing factors.  More 4 Life Physical Therapy can help you correct the muscle imbalances in order to get better.  This takes some time, so we also offer manual therapy techniques such as joint mobilization/ manipulation, manual trigger point therapy, dry needling, and instrument assisted soft tissue moblization (IASTM) can help to get you quicker pain relief.

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