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What Is A Discovery Visit?
How Can It Help YOUR Knee Pain?

A "Discovery Visit" is a 100% FREE consultation with our specialist to discover answers to questions about your knee pain such as:

  • What's wrong with my knee?
  • What's causing the pain?
  • Will I need surgery?
  • What can be done to get my knee better?
  • How long will it take to get better?
  • How much will it cost me if I decide to have treatment with you?

...and any other questions you may want to ask.

What's the catch?

There's no catch!  There's no cost, and no obligation to continue with treatment if you aren't convinced that we're the best option to help you get lasting relief from your knee pain!

The only thing that we ask is that since we're giving you our time for FREE with this Discovery Visit ($188 value), that you only request this FREE Visit if you're serious about finding a solution to your knee pain!

So, are you serious about finding a solution for your knee pain?

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Look How We've Helped Other People Overcome Knee Pain...

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5 star google review about knee arthritis

We Specialize In Helping Women Age 40 & Above Overcome Chronic, Nagging Aches & Pains Without Pills, Injections, or Surgery So They Can Stay Active, Mobile, & Healthy!

Many of our patients have had other treatments for their knee pain in the past that HAVE NOT WORKED.  Some of these treatments may include:

  • Medications
  • Physical Therapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Cortisone Injections
  • Cartilage Injections
  • and even Knee Surgery

What do WE do that's different?

  1. We get to know you as a WHOLE person.  Not just a "knee pain patient" but we take the time to listen and find out how your knee pain is affecting your life, and how you would like us to help you.  We do all of this in the FREE Discovery Visit before we ask you to spend any money or commit to having treatment with us.  We want to make sure that we're the best option to help get you better as quickly as possible.
  2. We find the root cause of your knee pain.  Not just what structure is hurting you, but also, why it started hurting in the first place and why it won't go away.  We don't just want to treat your symptoms.  We want to fix the cause to give you the best chance of the pain not coming back in the future.
  3. We get you feeling better FAST! How do we do that? We have a lot of different "treatments" to get you fast pain relief - some that we do with hands-on treatments in the office and some that you can do on your own at home.  Which treatment is right for you though will depend on the specific findings of your exam.  That's also part of what we do in the FREE Discovery Visit is find out the best and fastest way to get you better.
  4. We get you back to doing the things you NEED and WANT to do! Once we "put out the fire" by getting the pain to calm down, then we help you get back to the activities that your knee pain has stopped you from doing.  Some of these activities may include:
    • Walking (or running) long distances
    • Going up or down stairs
    • Squatting
    • Kneeling, or getting back up from kneeling
    • Carrying things (i.e. laundry baskets, mulch, children or grandchildren)
    • Sitting with your knee bent for a long time
    • Getting up from a chair after having sat for a long time
    • Getting out of bed in the morning
  5. We teach you what to do long-term to keep the pain from coming back!  "Treatments" are great, but ANY treatment you have whether with us or anyone else will only last so long if you don't fix the thing that caused it in the first place.  We help you find out what that root cause is, and teach you what to do to fix it so that you DON'T have to keep coming back for treatments for the rest of your life!

Imagine how great it would feel to be free from knee pain and get back to the active lifestyle you used to live before knee pain slowed you down!

Wouldn't you like to Discover how you can feel that way again? Just click the button below and fill out the form to request your FREE Discovery Visit and get back to the happier, healthier life you deserve!

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