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A Personal Message From TMJ Specialist,  Dr. Dave Candy 

Dr. Dave Candy physical therapist OCS FAAOMPT


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Board-Certified Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

Certified Athletic Trainer

Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist

Fellow, American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists

Hi, I'm Dr. Dave Candy and welcome to More 4 Life!

Are your TMJ symptoms getting you so frustrated you think your only treatment options are to either take pain medication and wear bite guards or splints for the rest of your life, or face having jaw surgery?

Perhaps your TMJ gives you pain, clicking, popping, or locking when eating, talking, or smiling and keeps you from enjoying meals and conversations with family and friends.

At More 4 Life, we specialize in helping people just like you overcome chronic TMJ, jaw pain, and headaches and get back to quality of life you deserve!

At this point, you may think that jaw pain is just something you'll have to live with…but secretly you hope to find at treatment that will reduce or get rid of your TMJ symptoms so that you can enjoy meals and conversations with family and friends without pain, popping, or locking of your jaw.  That’s why I’ve put together a FREE e-book called

5 Little-Known Secrets To Relieve TMJ

to help you take control of your TMJ symptoms get back to the happy, fulfilling life you deserve.

Inside you'll find…

  • Information about TMJ
  • 5 simple self-treatment tips you can start using today to ease your jaw pain
  • Ideas to help with muscle stiffness and headaches
  • Strategies to help prevent future jaw pain and headaches

Just click the “Yes! I Want The FREE E-Book! button below and fill our the form to instantly receive the free e-book by email.

You'll receive valuable self-treatment tips that I've gathered over years of treating people with TMJ that teach you how to naturally control your TMJ symptoms without pain medication or surgery.

I specialize in helping busy people just like you to find relief from and chronic TMJ. What I can tell you is that treatments like pain medications, chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, or injections may all be helpful in the short-term.  However, on their own, they are not likely to provide a long-term solution.

Why? Because they only treat the symptoms of your TMJ without ever addressing what caused the pain in the first place!

I know so many people who have just accepted that TMJ, jaw pain, and headaches are now a normal part of their lives, and they've given up hope of eating a normal diet or having a normal social life. This does NOT have to be you! The FREE e-book will explain why you should have hope that you can live happy, fulfilling life without being plagued by TMJ symptoms.

Inside you’ll find information about TMJ, some simple self-treatment tips that you can start using today to ease your pain, and long-term strategies to improve your overall health to prevent the pain from recurring.

This FREE e-book is perfect for you if…

  • You get pain in your jaw, ear, or head when chewing, talking, or yawning -or-
  • Your jaw clicks, pops, or gets locked -or-
  • You’ve had TMJ symptoms for a long time -or-
  • You’ve had low level jaw pain that has gradually increased over time -or-
  • You've tried using night splints or bite guards but they haven't worked -or-
  • You've had other treatments for TMJ  in the past that haven't worked

If chronic TMJ, jaw pain, or headaches keep  you from enjoying meals or conversations with family and friends or fully concentrating at home or at work, then you need to take a few minutes to read this e-book.

This e-book is NOT for you if you're content to live with taking pain medication, don't care about fixing the MAIN problem, or you don’t mind continuing to live with your TMJ  symptoms.

What would your life look like in a few months if you were free from jaw pain and other TMJ symptoms?

So go ahead... click “Yes! I Want The FREE E-Book” button to instantly receive the e-book by email.

There’s no catch…I’m doing this because I believe your healthcare decisions are important and having the right information will empower you to make the best choice about what treatment option will be best to help with your TMJ, jaw pain, and headaches! Just click on the button below to receive your FREE copy right away.

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Dave Candy, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC, FAAOMPT
Owner, More 4 Life

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5 Little-Known Secrets To Relieve TMJ

This FREE guide shows you simple tips and tricks you can use to manage jaw pain naturally without the need for pain medication, surgery, or repeated trips to the doctor or dentist.

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