Taking The Time To Properly Assess Your Pain
with guest Misha Price

Misha Price On This Episode, Dr. Candy talks with neurobiologist, Misha Price. Misha had the privilege of learning from the late Ronald Melzack, a pioneer in the field of pain science, during his time studying the psychology of pain at McGill University. They discuss the importance of taking the time to let a patient tell … Read more

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Relieve Pain From The Comfort & Safety Of Your Own Home!

With the COVID-19 pandemic becoming a growing concern in St. Louis & St. Charles counties, individuals are encouraged to practice social distancing by staying at home to the greatest extent possible. Hospitals have deferred non-urgent medical procedure to devote more resources that are in short supply such as gowns and masks to life-saving personnel working … Read more

My Reflections On Coronavirus… Optimistic & Hopeful

Take this time to slow down, reflect, & reprioritize… We’re all trying to figure the world out in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. No one knows what life in the future will look like, but I remain optimistic 😇 & hopeful 🙏🏼 Guiding Principles To Happiness In The Face Of Adversity 1. Be accepting of uncertainty. Control what … Read more

If Coronavirus Has Brought Your Life To A Halt … Maybe Its Time To Stop & Smell The Roses!

Take this time to slow down, reflect, & reprioritize… Use These Tips To Help You Slow Down, Reflect, & Reprioritize! Diaphragmatic breathing Lay down in a quiet room away from any distractions.  Put one hand on your stomach and the other hand on your chest.  Slowly breath in by pushing your stomach out into your … Read more

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Steps To Protect Yourself & Others

We’re Keeping The Office Safe For You! You can’t access any type of media in the past few weeks without hearing about Coronavirus (COVID-19).  The virus has rapidly spread, but we are taking measures to keep our customers safe here at More 4 Life.  Here is a list of guidelines recommended by the Centers for … Read more