How We Help People Relieve Shoulder Pain: Part 1 of 5

This is Part 1 of a 5-Part series showing an example of how we examine shoulder pain as well as some treatments that we use to help people with shoulder pain to stay active, mobile, and painfree! Part 1 gives the initial client interview and some of the complaints people with shoulder pain may experience.  … Read more

Have Trouble Standing Up From Low Chairs or Couches? Check Out This Simple Fix!

We’re fixing up the office here at More 4 Life making it more welcoming to clients who have difficulty standing up from low chairs or couches.  If you have trouble standing up from low chiars, couches, or other furniture in your home, check out the simple fix in the video below… Standing Up  From Low … Read more

Getting Older Doesn’t Have To Hurt!

This is a replay of a presentation Dr. Candy gave to the Active Older Adults Group at the Wildwood Family YMCA in Wildwood, MO. Contratry to popular belief, Getting Older DOESN’T Have To Hurt! Watch the video below to learn more… Got Questions? × Do You Want To Learn How Avoid Living In Pain As … Read more