Don’t Let Pain & Stiffness From Knee Arthritis Ruin Your Winter! Learn What To Do NOW, Before It Gets Cold Out…

November in St. Louis brings cooler weather, which means more pain for many people with arthritis.  But, why does arthritis hurt more with cold or rainy weather? Watch the video below to learn why, PLUS what you can do to prevent pain & stiffness from knee arthritis from ruining your winter… Want To Learn More Tips … Read more

Doctor Heal Thyself: How A Minor Cut Can Turn Into A Staph Infection AND Valuable Lesson YOU Can Learn From MY Recent Experience

Watch the video to learn the full story of why my face looks like this, and what you can learn from it! Take Home Points Wash your hands frequently and keep them away from your face – Cold and flu season is coming aboard.  Remembering these practices can help prevent disease transmission to yourself and … Read more